Proud Supporters of Sevenly

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People matter.

That is the slogan behind the amazing Sevenly organization.

Each week, Sevenly leads a new cause campaign to raise awareness and funds for the hurting and needy around the world.

Sevenly has partnered with organizations such as Autism Speaks, To Write Love On Her Arms, Compassion International, and many more.

We are proud supporters of  Sevenly and the wonderful work that they do.

Visit for more info and to get involved.

Our plans, God’s purpose, and the humor in it all


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We’ve all heard it before.

“If you want to know if God has a sense of humor, tell him your plans.”

I never fully understood what that old saying meant until about six months before I graduated high school. I’d always wanted to be a teacher, and I took every opportunity I could to further myself in the area that I wanted to teach. English was always my favorite subject, and I loved reading and writing, so I made the effort of taking AP Literature classes all through high school. I was determined to teach what I loved.

I was so ready to start college and get into my major, but right before I started turning in my college applications, God stopped me in my tracks.

I’ve always loved volunteering and helping others, and I was blessed to have so many opportunities in my school and in my church to get involved. During my senior year, my church started a campaign for Compassion International, and I got involved with promotion and helping overall. I was so inspired by the work that Compassion was doing, and I started researching them along with other organizations similar to them. I began to feel God’s hand in my growing passion for the mission and the people that these amazing non-profits serve. I knew that God was trying to lead me in another direction in my life. My heart was so at peace, and for the first time in a long time, the future didn’t scare me. I was excited to see how God was going to use me.

For the longest time, my dream was to be a teacher, and it amazed me that God could change my heart so drastically, and I learned that sometimes our initial plans may not be God’s purpose.

One of my favorite bible verses has always been Psalm 37:4 which reads “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

The point I’m trying to make here is that your dreams, the desires of your heart, are important, but God can change your dreams for his purpose. And it’s such a beautiful thing.

If you find yourself facing a difficult decision in your life, know that God will direct your feet. Listen for Him to speak to your heart, and be sure to always read his word to learn discernment. Sometimes, God can call you in a direction you never even dreamed you would go.

God has a plan for you that is both wonderful and beautiful.

Don’t be afraid of the future, because God is always holding you in his hand.